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Ask the 7 Geniuses

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Thebridge is built around the idea that 7 heads are wiser than one.

Seeing the world from broader perspectives can open up a new world where it's easier to solve problems and more fun to navigate life.

You can choose to ask all the geniuses at once, or get a longer answer from one specific genius.

Click here to read a biography of each genius.

Build Your Personal Genius


Whenever you whip out your phone and shoot a message off to thebridge's WhatsApp number without selecting any other options, you get a response from your Personal Genius.

You can configure your Genius to respond however is most useful to you - and adjust their response at any time!

Make use of the latest AI technology:

Adjust creativity

Adjust response length

Adjust response mode to get jokes, stories, lists, advice and more
(type "mode" to adjust on-the-fly).

Expand your horizons
with Expert features

Expert subscribers get extra wizard-worthy AI magic.

*Unlimited Responses


While 300 questions is a lot of insight, unlimited questions is... infinite insight?

Quick note: we start unlimited accounts off with 1000 questions/month. If you hit that soft limit, just send us an email and we'll fill you back up.

(We just need to make sure it's not 👾 robots using our 🤖 robots...)

Unformatted + Extra Long Responses


Experts get to cook up whatever type of response they want. Unformatted responses allow you to query the Genius that is AI in general, rather than from a specific perspective. This enables functionality like generating code, writing contracts, rephrasing paragraphs, and more! But only if you know how to ask...

Extra long responses create the space to expand on these exciting ideas.

Beta Features

Our Geniuses have a lot of tricks up their sleeves. 🎩🕊️

We're constantly adding new functionality and Experts are the first to be able to play with it. We also ask Experts for their ideas on how we can improve and then implement their ideas!

The sky isn't the limit, only your mind!

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